Find Out What 5G Means For Your Cellphone Signal Booster Business
The 5G cellular network is coming, but what does it mean for your cellphone signal booster business? It has the potential of making cellphone signal boosters an imperative device for any smart home. Indeed, 5G or otherwise, integrators need to maintain many of the same best practices they have put in place for their cellphone signal booster sales and deployments.
Join CE Pro Editor-in-Chief, Jason Knott as he discusses the impact 5G can have on your business 
Recorded Live Wednesday, May 9th @ 2:00PM (EST) 
In this free CE Pro webinar, you will learn:
  •  How to identify the best candidates for cellphone signal boosters
  •  Rock-solid sales techniques to close prospective clients
  •  Best practices for plotting and installing boosters and antennas, including cable run distances and proper amplifier/antenna separation
  •  The biggest inhibitors to cellphone signal transmission quality and how to combat them
  •  How to discuss the pending rollout of 5G
  •  Plus lots more...
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