Cybersecurity Best Practices for Integrators
Join CE Pro for this informative webcast offering several Cybersecurity Best Practices. Guest speaker Dan Fulmer, president of Fultech Solutions in Jacksonville, Fla., is the co-creator of the CTA cybersecurity program and discusses exactly how he uses the checklist with customers and with his technicians.
Recorded Live on Wednesday, April 25th

Moderated By:
Jason Knott, 
Editor-in-Chief, CEPro

Guest Speaker:
Dan Fulmer, 
President, Fultech Solutions

Dan Fulmer
In this free CE Pro webinar, you will learn:
  •  How to bring up cybersecurity needs with clients (and not scare them away)
  •  How to charge customers for cybersecurity 
  •  How to guide clients to the best password management tools 
  •  The 12 key areas that need to be secured in every home network 
Plus, we'll reveal a checklist for technicians to use in the field for passwords, modems & routers, VPNs, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Beacons, Bluetooth and even network management devices like Domotz and Router Limits. 
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