CES 2018 Preview: 
Julie Jacobson’s Sneak Peek
Join us for a sneak peek of CES 2018! This special webcast presented by CE Pro's founding editor, Julie Jacobson, and her special guests Avi Rosenthal and Joe Whitaker. 
Learn all about home-technology trends, product introductions and new companies targeting professional integrators at CES 2018.
Recorded Live on Wednesday, December 20th

Moderated By:
Julie Jacobson,

CE Pro Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large

Guest Speaker:
Avi Rosenthal ,

Principal, IoT Consulting

Guest Speaker:
Joe Whitaker,

Principal, The Thoughtful Home
CE Pro is helping home-technology integrators navigate the expansive show that is CES 2018. CE Pro founding editor Julie Jacobson will moderate a discussion on technology trends and emerging markets that will affect the smart-home business in 2018 and over the next couple of years.
Smart-home specialists in the thick of the industry for more than 20 years will cover many of the following topics, with references to new products on the CES show floor. 

Progress with smart-home “standards” and protocols

The shape of TVs to come

Latest developments in wireless audio

Channels to market: Retail, custom install, on-demand…

Recurring revenue models in remote network monitoring

Voice control and other modern-day UIs

‘Panel Picks’ – five most interesting discoveries at CES

And more... 

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