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Have a Plan for your LAN!
Every LAN plan starts and ends with proper documentation. Have you prepared yours?

Join The Webinar With:
Nathan Holmes

Technical Trainer, 
Access Networks

Originally Recorded Live on:
May 24th @ 2:00PM est

On-Demand Webcast:
Knowing how to properly design the appropriate local area network (LAN) for your project will help to ensure client satisfaction. Nathan Holmes, Access Networks’ technical trainer, will discuss what to consider when designing a LAN that will not only meet your clients’ needs today, but will grow with their needs for tomorrow.
Join us to learn why you should ask the following questions when designing your LAN:
  • Who will use the LAN, what will they use it for, and what devices will they use?
  • Different devices require different LAN resources. Will you project require PoE, Gigabit or Multi-Gigabit switches, and/or VLANs?
  • How will my ISP speed affect system performance and hardware selection?
  • Wireless planning and design basics – Determining coverage, density, capacity, which 802.11 standards do you need, and what is Wave 2 and why do I need it?
  • What are some LAN design tips to promote network security?
  • Every LAN plan starts and ends with proper documentation.
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