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Answering Your Questions about HDMI 2.1
Everything you wanted to know about HDMI 2.1 and more!

Join The Webinar With 
Robert Archer, Senior Editor, CEPro

March 1st @ 2:00PM est

Live Online Event
The HDMI Forum has set the stage to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s 4K video distribution needs with the announcement of an upcoming Version 2.1 of the HDMI Specification. But what does it mean exactly?
The yet-to-be-unveiled spec will handle the 4K resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate needed for High Dynamic Range (HDR), while also supporting 8K @60Hz and 4K @120HZ. All that using a cable that can transmit at the increased bandwidth of 48G.  

Since integrators are the ones often asked to push the limits of 4K signal distribution for their clients, what does the new spec mean for them in the field? Now is your turn to find out. CE Pro has compiled a panel of experts, including members of the HDMI Forum, HDMI Licensing, key manufacturers and important independent experts, to answer your important questions about the new spec.
Guest Speakers:
Chris Pasqualino, 
HDMI Forum Chairman
Jeff Park,
Technical Director of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc (HDMI LA)
Brent McCall,
Product Manager,
Metra Home Theater Group 
Rick Sant, 
Cleerline Technology Group
What You Will Learn On This Webinar...
Our Special Guests Will Answer Everything HDMI...
  • When do they think the new spec will officially be released? 
  • Can copper handle the increased bandwidth or is fiber the solution? 
  • Why 48G?
  • Are there cable length restrictions?
  • Will active cable be required to meet the new spec?
  • Where do the manufacturers currently stand in terms of 2.1 product?
  • How backwards-compatible is the new spec?
  • And so much more!

March 1st @ 2:00PM est

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